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Writing Assistant Monday & Some News

First with the news: I sold a story! “Remnants of a Quilter’s Memory” is not science fiction or children’s fiction of any sort. It’s a very small 500 word piece about a family’s struggle with dementia, and it’s very close to my heart for a whole lotta reasons. It’ll be live at Every Day Fiction on June 22, so check it out if you’re interested.


Task mistress.

This will be my last writing assistant Monday post with featuring these furry faces for at least the next three weeks, because I’m headed home to Michigan! The plan is to help Mutti with the store (specifically sprucing up the window displays).

I’m also planning on finishing up the first (very rough) draft of my middle grade novel, relaxing and playing with my nephew who is just growing up too fast.


Assisting writers is hard.

I also hope to get some reading done…


How many books do you take on your 3-week vacation?

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Writing Assistant Monday

In which, Donna isn’t all that helpful, actually.

Writing Assistant. Writer Conquered

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Writing Assistant Monday


Writing Assistant Monday: in which the cats say, “What? Did you want to sit here to write? How do you feel about that corner over there instead?” Because they’re jerks sometimes…

Also, have you guys seen my desk chair before? It’s a goodwill find and I’m OBSESSED with it.

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Writing Assistant Monday


Not actually helpful writing assistant.


Abi’s jealous. Tee hee.

I think Donna might’ve been trying to prove a point. I rested my left hand for a second and she climbed in, which meant I had to hold her for 20-30 minutes, or until my arm went numb. That’ll teach me to stop writing for even a moment.

I’m working on a really cool short story right now about a cyborg actress. It’s fun.

More this week on the crane’s progress, I promise!

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Writing Assistant Monday


Two writing assistants are always better than one.

Speaking of writing, I haven’t been doing much of it. But last week I got back a rejection of a poem from Asimov’s and I sent out a short story to Crossed Genres, since they’re doing a YA issue. So there’s been some progress. 

This week I want to tackle a major short story rewrite and maybe start thinking about going back to the novel.

Other goals for the week include writing more blog posts, registering for an audited class at the local Ivy League University, making a couple of crane heads and setting up the new office. Should be doable, yeah?

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Writing Assistant Monday

While Donna may be my normal writing assistant, this was not normal behavior even for her. The day we left for Michigan, she came up and cuddled on my lap while I was trying to work on my daily word count. Maybe she knew somehow it was the last time she’d see me for two weeks? It made typing much, much harder, but totally worth the extra effort.

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Writing Assistant Monday: In which, meet Abominable!

Uploading pictures from my camera and phone this weekend, I realized I have a whole host of writing assistant pictures. Apparently the cats have been extra cuddly over the last few weeks. Strange because it’s been ridiculously hot and humid.

had planned on sharing all of these pictures with you since it’s a grey, rainy (but still hot and humid) Monday and, well, cute animal pictures make those sorts of days better.

But I’ve decided instead to do an installment of writing assistant pictures with a new one posted every Monday morning until I run out. I imagine that’ll be sometime in August when I go back to the costume shop full time and am no longer here for those mid-afternoon cat naps. We shall see.

Today, I will introduce you to Abi, my newest writing assistant:

My new assistant.

She gets very sleepy. 

I should be clear: Abi is our oldest cat, she’s just not much of a writer. She doesn’t really believe in sitting next to us. If she wants love, she will be on you. If she wants to sleep, she’ll get her own chair, thank you. So she’s not with me much as I wander around the house finding somewhere comfortable to write.

She does, however, lurve to read. She often curls up on Kyle’s chest, usually when he’s deeply engrossed in a book, forcing him to hold the book in an awkward position over her head.

Exhibit A:

She’s particularly fond of monetary theory of the firm and anything by Deirdre McCloskey. 

I also have pictures of exhibits B through H or so, but I’m not sure my dear husband wants his mug broadcasted all over the interwebs.

Come back next Monday for more Writing Assistant cat pictures!

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