About Jessi

Hi! Welcome to my quiet little corner of the world.


I have an MFA in Children’s Literature from Hollins University, a handful of professionally published short stories (and one poem!), a trunkful of novels, a WIP, and a dayjob as a technical writer. I like words.

Foster Mom.

After years of living in various states mostly along the East Coast to pursue education and my theatrical costuming career, my husband and I came back to rural Michigan in August 2017. Since then we’ve both established new careers, bought a new house, and embarked on the most difficult dream of our lives–becoming foster parents. We currently have the care of a baby girl who brightens our whole world.

Reluctant Optimist.

Life is hard, but I can never seem to maintain a cynical outlook for more than a couple days. Despite my fervent wish to at least be a realist, hope creeps into the cracks and invades.


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