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Writing Assistant Monday: In which, meet Abominable!

Uploading pictures from my camera and phone this weekend, I realized I have a whole host of writing assistant pictures. Apparently the cats have been extra cuddly over the last few weeks. Strange because it’s been ridiculously hot and humid.

had planned on sharing all of these pictures with you since it’s a grey, rainy (but still hot and humid) Monday and, well, cute animal pictures make those sorts of days better.

But I’ve decided instead to do an installment of writing assistant pictures with a new one posted every Monday morning until I run out. I imagine that’ll be sometime in August when I go back to the costume shop full time and am no longer here for those mid-afternoon cat naps. We shall see.

Today, I will introduce you to Abi, my newest writing assistant:

My new assistant.

She gets very sleepy. 

I should be clear: Abi is our oldest cat, she’s just not much of a writer. She doesn’t really believe in sitting next to us. If she wants love, she will be on you. If she wants to sleep, she’ll get her own chair, thank you. So she’s not with me much as I wander around the house finding somewhere comfortable to write.

She does, however, lurve to read. She often curls up on Kyle’s chest, usually when he’s deeply engrossed in a book, forcing him to hold the book in an awkward position over her head.

Exhibit A:

She’s particularly fond of monetary theory of the firm and anything by Deirdre McCloskey. 

I also have pictures of exhibits B through H or so, but I’m not sure my dear husband wants his mug broadcasted all over the interwebs.

Come back next Monday for more Writing Assistant cat pictures!

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My Favorite Writing Assistant

My Favorite Writing Assistant

Donna decided it was a good day to help me write, which she would do by poking her hind feet into my back and proceeding to snore and purr at the same time.

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