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The Perfect Writing Outfit

Gah! It’s a kitteh, reading a book.

I’m not generally one for a ton of kitsch in my clothes (I prefer it in my vintage homegoods, thank you), but I stumbled across this on ModCloth this afternoon, and I think I need it for those rainy cold afternoons that are perfect for writing and reading and snuggling with husbands and cats alike.

I could wear it with leggings and then never leave the house or even answer the door because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS and I would only wear a sweatshirt in public if I were attending a football game or some other cold weather athletic event, and even then I’m not sure I would wear this sweatshirt. I mean, I think it may ruin my street cred as a serious fan of the sport…or any sports (which, while that may be true, I do my best to blend in…I am a costumer afterall).

But for sitting around the house and just writing? For that, it would be perfect.

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