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Lady Cintron and the Bull

“Lady Cintron and the Bull” is live over at Every Day Fiction today! It’s a strange, dual POV, flash fiction, cyberpunk story featuring virtual reality, sibling rivalry, moral superiority, and bullfighting.

My favorite part of it is possibly the avatar ‘Lady Cintron,’ named for Conchita Cintrón–a famous female bullfighter.

A minor warning for the sensitive among us: it has a bit of violence.

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Interview at Flash Fiction Chronicles

Aliza Greenblatt over at Flash Fiction Chronicles recently interviewed me about “Remnants of a Quilter’s Memory,” because it was Every Day Fiction’s highest-rated story for June! In case you’re interested, here it is.

The whole process of publishing this story with EDF has been really lovely.

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Writing Day

No real post from me today until this evening. I have 11 hours to write a complete short story that I will send to FedEx for printing. It will then be distributed to everyone in bootcamp. Scary (but exciting) stuff. So…yesterday’s recap will come later this evening probably.

BUT, this week there was a Writing Assistant Monday that’s one of my favorites that pretty much no one saw according to the wordpress stats (probably because it was drowned in all my writing about Utah adventures) , so you should go check that out. Here’s the link (or you could just scroll down the page).

See ya on the other side of a short story!

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