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And so it begins…

And so the work of boot camp begins…

Characters & Viewpoints

Look what I just got in the mail!

Before getting into the heart of this post, please allow me to step out of character* for one quick moment and say: OMG!! OMG!! Orson Scott Card just sent me a book! Okay, so probably, realistically, his really lovely assistant just me a book, but if you click on the picture and look closely at the Return Address it says it’s from him.

Other than simply nerding out, and wanting to share that goofy bit of myself with everyone, I’m also posting this because I want to keep a record of the entire process. Mostly because I am terribly forgetful and want to actually remember how it all happened, but also because reading other participants’ posts on the experience was why I decided to take the plunge and even apply.

While this isn’t the first step of the entire process (that was applying), it is the first stage of work.

The book above, Card’s Characters & Viewpoint, is my homework for the next month. I need to have it memorized read by the time I get on that plane in July. I’m not all that worried about the reading. The few pages I’ve read are simply written and totally accessible. Not surprising.

I am, however, at bit afraid of my retention of the information (due to that faulty memory thing I mentioned above). My plan is to read it slowly over the next week or so, then to skim it immediately before my class, maybe even on that plane ride out?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

* I just want to note that I’m really not much of a fangirl. I meet relatively famous people quite often in the theatre world, and I keep it professional. I don’t gush, I don’t fawn. No need to worry about me making a total fool of myself out in Utah, at least, not due to fainting.

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