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Writing Assistant Monday: New Year/ Snow Day Edition


Friday was a snow day here in New Jerseyland. It was also incredibly cold, so the cats were extra cuddly. Which works for me. Hoorah for writing assistants! Also, hoorah for time to write!

I don’t make resolutions, but I do have lots of hopes and goals for the New Year. One, as you could expect, is to produce more. This weekend I made good headway toward that with work on two different short stories and (finally) diving into the novel revisions. I’ve been talking about the novel revisions for months, but haven’t actually touched them until a few days ago.

Here we go 2014. I’m not sure I’m ready for you, but there seems to be no stopping you. Be kind to me and mine.

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The Perfect Writing Outfit

Gah! It’s a kitteh, reading a book.

I’m not generally one for a ton of kitsch in my clothes (I prefer it in my vintage homegoods, thank you), but I stumbled across this on ModCloth this afternoon, and I think I need it for those rainy cold afternoons that are perfect for writing and reading and snuggling with husbands and cats alike.

I could wear it with leggings and then never leave the house or even answer the door because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS and I would only wear a sweatshirt in public if I were attending a football game or some other cold weather athletic event, and even then I’m not sure I would wear this sweatshirt. I mean, I think it may ruin my street cred as a serious fan of the sport…or any sports (which, while that may be true, I do my best to blend in…I am a costumer afterall).

But for sitting around the house and just writing? For that, it would be perfect.

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