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Ireland: Day 2

So… A bit late, but day 2!


Pictures of flowers in the sunrise in Howth.

The rest off the group made it safely to Dublin this morning, only 26 hours and one million headaches later. While I must admit that our experience so far has been good, I will avoid flying US Airways at all costs in the future, just based only how badly they treated my family.

BUT, they’re here now and all is well. 

We began the day with a walk down the east pier to watch the sun rise, figuring we should take advantage of our only morning on the east coast. Along the way we saw beautiful flowers, a wee little lighthouse and, rather unexpectedly, a seal swimming in the sea.

We then had the most fantabulous breakfast. Seriously, I would have eaten 12 pieces if toast if given the option, the jams were so good. If you ever need a place to stay near Dublin: King Sitric’s.

Then we were off to rescue the fam from the evil airport and we began the day’s real adventures: a visit to Bru na Boinne and a drive through the country side.

Bru na Boinne is an ancient burial ground a bit outside of Dublin, even older than the pyramids. There are over 40 mounds in the area, though this one is the largest and most are quite small. Most interestingly (to me) they’re where the ideas of fairy mounds came from.



A replica of the entrance stone.


The entrance.


Kyle taking pictures of carvings in stone.

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Ireland Trip: Day 1

Adventures away!

I haven’t mentioned it around the interwebs a lot, but Kyle and I are in Ireland for the next week. We were supposed to meet my Mom, Grandma and uncle in Philly yesterday and all catch the same flight over, but their flight out of Detroit was delayed and they landed just as the doors were closing for our Dublin flight. Hoping that they would make it, Kyle and I were aboard and so we had an extra day to ourselves.

Since the first stop on our originally scheduled adventures was over 3 hours away and we needed to pick up the rest of the fam the next morning, we followed Rick Steve’s advice for staying in Dublin and headed outside the city walls to the small fishing village of Howth, about 30 minutes away.

None of his recommended places to stay we’re available, but we still managed to find a quaint B and B with the best view.


This is what I got to wake up to!


King Sitric’s. Restaurant, bar, cafe and lodging.

Yesterday we decided to head into Dublin as we originally planned. We took the train in, which was nice and easy, then walked over to see the Book of Kells. Being late afternoon, it was pretty busy and the people there seemed exceptionally pushy, but it was still pretty cool. Extra cool because there was an exhibit on Brian Boru featuring the art of the same people who made the movie Secret of the Kells.


In the longroom at the old library at Trinity College. It smelled so nice, like old books and knowledge.

Then last night we (sort of accidentally) went to a rather nice dinner and a show at the Abbey Tavern back in Howth. We thought we were just going to a local pub for fish and chips and some music, but it was a whole prefix menu with traditional Irish songs sung and even some Irish dancing. It was a bit strange to be thrust into the middle of, but it was nice experience all told. And the food was amazing.

Today we woke up early to enjoy the east coast sunrise. We’ll eat breakfast then head to the airport to pick up the rest of the bunch, then to Derry and Northern Ireland. Hip, hooray!

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