Costume Portfolio

I am a professional theatrical costumer–which is neither my current title nor a common term in the industry. “Costumer” is a bit vague and the positions I’ve held have largely been incredibly specific.

Basically, I stitch, I cut, I drape and pattern at various levels of proficiency. I am a milliner, a painter-dyer, a great distresser. Sometimes I run shows. Sometimes I even design. Pretty much, I’ve done most everything you can do related to costuming. And I love it all.

Just here for some pictures? See below:



IMG_0933 Richard III Metal Crown Phantom Tollbooth Aviator Hat   Emma Bonnet Travels of Angelica HatPhantom Tollbooth Newsboy Caps 80 Days Old Fashioned Visor Crime & Punishment Bonnet 80 Days Rain Hats


 Into the Woods Dress Winter's Tale Pregnant Belly

Enchanted April Dress All's Well Uniform


Tom Sawyer Distressed Coat Miss Nelson Distressed Football PlayersTom Sawyer Distressed Spats Tom Sawyer Distressed Hat


IMG_1151Little Medea Silk PaintingIMG_0800IMG_1008

This is a very small sampling of my work. For a more complete portfolio or a resume, please contact me here.