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Writing Assistant Monday: Reading Edition

Donna Reading Asst


It’s almost November, and for those of us who write, that means the annual National Novel Writing Month is (almost) upon us.


My confession: I have participated in NaNoWriMo twice before, and I have lost both times. “Winning” just means (just!) completing 50,000 words in a single long story between November 1 and November 30. That’s only 1666.67 words/day for 30 days. Doable. Exhausting, but manageable. And yet, I’ve never managed.

And this year, I’m not even trying.

Instead, my goal is to begin revisions on the YA novel I finished up this summer. It’s rough. It’s really rough. And November is shaping up to be an extremely busy month. But I’ve been dragging my feet on this massive project for 4 or so months now, and it’s time.

So this weekend I printed it out and I started reading. Donna helped me (above). I have 3 more days to finish skimming through the roughest 70,000 words I’ve ever put together. Then I’ll start cutting and rebuilding. Shaping. A LOT of rewriting. Mostly rewriting in fact.

My goal is to complete the next draft by the end of the month — to get it to a stage where it’s ready for it’s first round of readers. And it’s a pretty lofty goal, but I think I’ll manage. I think.

I think.

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Writing Assistant Monday

Donna’s such an amazing writing assistant, she doesn’t even need a writer present! Just a sweater and the laptop. (Also, bonus! Messy office. If only the cats would assist in household cleaning duties…)IMG_0828

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Writing Assistant Monday

IMG_0741Donna gets a bit pushy if she thinks you’re writing and not paying any attention to her… IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745

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Writing Assistant Monday

Since I’ve been back to the costume shop since August and the cats tend to be cuddliest in the mornings, I don’t get a lot of writing assistance these days. But Kyle has been home, so they’re helping him instead. I like to think they don’t enjoy being economics research assistants nearly as much.

Lap Cap Donna

Lap Cat 2


Although Abi does seem to enjoy being a TV watching assistant well enough.

Lap Cat Abi

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Writing Assistant Monday


Writing Assistant Monday: in which the cats say, “What? Did you want to sit here to write? How do you feel about that corner over there instead?” Because they’re jerks sometimes…

Also, have you guys seen my desk chair before? It’s a goodwill find and I’m OBSESSED with it.

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Writing Assistant Monday


Not actually helpful writing assistant.


Abi’s jealous. Tee hee.

I think Donna might’ve been trying to prove a point. I rested my left hand for a second and she climbed in, which meant I had to hold her for 20-30 minutes, or until my arm went numb. That’ll teach me to stop writing for even a moment.

I’m working on a really cool short story right now about a cyborg actress. It’s fun.

More this week on the crane’s progress, I promise!

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Writing Assistant Monday


Two writing assistants are always better than one.

Speaking of writing, I haven’t been doing much of it. But last week I got back a rejection of a poem from Asimov’s and I sent out a short story to Crossed Genres, since they’re doing a YA issue. So there’s been some progress. 

This week I want to tackle a major short story rewrite and maybe start thinking about going back to the novel.

Other goals for the week include writing more blog posts, registering for an audited class at the local Ivy League University, making a couple of crane heads and setting up the new office. Should be doable, yeah?

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Writing Assistant Monday


Yes, I know she matches the couch.

I wrote and scheduled these posts back in July. By the time this one posts I will be done and home from Literary Boot Camp, moving immediately on to tech of Hamlet, my brother will have turned 27 and I will be one week away from starting back to full time work. Whew. Time flies.

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Writing Day

No real post from me today until this evening. I have 11 hours to write a complete short story that I will send to FedEx for printing. It will then be distributed to everyone in bootcamp. Scary (but exciting) stuff. So…yesterday’s recap will come later this evening probably.

BUT, this week there was a Writing Assistant Monday that’s one of my favorites that pretty much no one saw according to the wordpress stats (probably because it was drowned in all my writing about Utah adventures) , so you should go check that out. Here’s the link (or you could just scroll down the page).

See ya on the other side of a short story!

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Writing Assistant Monday

By the time this posts I’ll be in Utah, just beginning (or about to begin depending on the time difference) the very first class of Uncle Orson’s Literary Boot Camp. I’m sure my stomach is full of butterflies. If I have time (and remember), I’m going to come to my own blog. Donna’s little feet…IMG_0331…and little face should make me feel better.  IMG_0330

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