Christmas Carol Everywhere

Since August, I’ve been surrounded by Christmas Carol.

At home, I’m working on my 1,000,000,000-th revision of a MG Carol retelling (which I love!). By the time I came back for the new season (a week late), CC had already engulfed the entire theatre. It’s not every year we build the beastie from scratch. In fact, this is the first new production my theatre’s had in 16 (or so) years.

It’s a lot of holly.

While I’m normally a firsthand, sewing and assisting a draper, for this show I’m focusing on the painting/ dying/ crafting aspects of my job description. Which is okay by me! I love making beautiful things, but I like making character-appropriate and unusual things even more. So far, most of my craftwork has involved distressing (making things look old) and “moment” creation.

Like I said, it’s a lot of holly.


In case you’re wondering which store has the best/most supplies for Moment building, I’d recommend Hobby Lobby. Vastly superior to JoAnn’s and Michaels when it comes to quantity, price, and enthusiasm for Christmas. I mean, Michaels was pretty much all about Halloween still. Psshaw.


My (dwindled) pile of supplies. Please note the headphones (complete with gaff tape). One of the best parts of working by myself is listening to audiobooks.


The Ghost of Christmas Present will be the prettiest Christmas Queen in all the land.


Four of my favorite creations, prepped and ready to be sewed together. (No glue here, folks!)


Sometimes your gloves aren’t quite tall enough… (This was the only pic I have on my phone of my distressing work on this show. Will have to take more this week.)


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Carol Everywhere

  1. Stephen Cole says:


  2. EMILY LACLAU says:

    that last pic would make an epic crafters tattoo

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