The Last 5 Years

And by last, I mean previous…


Photo by the very talented Jen at Luna Dulce Photography.

Five years ago today, Kyle and I got married. It’s hard to know what to say about last five years of our life– the first five years of our marriage. It’s been hard. At times, really hard. And I have no doubt the difficulties will continue to follow us through the years. But there is no one else on the planet I would rather share burdens with than Kyle.

I find it both ironic and perfectly appropriate that we’re celebrating this milestone anniversary apart. Ironic, because, well, it’s a milestone anniversary and we’re 626 miles away from one another. But I think the fact that we’re apart is also indicative of my favorite part of our relationship. We support each other.

About a week after this picture was taken (on the day of the wedding)– Kyle left for a month-long fellowship in Massachusetts. I didn’t go along. It wasn’t a traditional way to spend the first few weeks of marriage, but it was important to us that he attend. It set an amazing precedent: that we could handle time and distance, and that we could support each other as we strive to succeed on our independent paths.

I’m very thankful for a partner that supports me, no matter how crazy life gets.

Here’s to the next 5 years!


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2 thoughts on “The Last 5 Years

  1. emily says:

    here’s to the next 50!

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