Ireland: Day 4

As sad as not having an internet connection is, it’s not bad to “have” to stop by a pub to get connected.

Day 4 in Ireland went well and was largely a down day.

In the morning, everyone went to Mass to get a feel for. I stayed behind to do my own sort of worship by walking around the farm and enjoying the quiet peace of nature.


A fat little speckle-bellied bird.

Then later, we explored Ennis, the county seat of Clare, walking around the town and window shopping.

Especially cool was the ruins of an old friary, the oldest building in town. As it should be, since the main sections were built around 1240!


Grandma in the friary.



These little ferns were growing everywhere. Mom loved them.

In the afternoon we came back to the farm and chilled, eating food, reading books, enjoying the sunshine and playing tennis. We weren’t particularly good, but it was fun.


Mom and Larry, cutting up the court.

All in all, an excellent Sunday full of rest and a little bit of adventure .

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