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The Weekend’s To Do List

This weekend I need to: 

  • Plow through 3 chapters of the novel’s revisions
  • Write a >750 story for Weekend Warrior (a competition for Codex, the online writing group I joined after bootcamp)
  • Pull 1930s-ish costumes for education department
  • Go see Fences (eat Thai first!)
  • Plan trip to Ireland for the family

Thank goodness Kyle’s busy this weekend. I’d never get through all of this if he wanted to, you know, actually spend time with me. 

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Writing Assistant Monday: Baby It’s Cold Inside

Donna Writing Assistant Editor

Donna’s not the best beta reader.

It’s been cold lately. Real cold. We’re going to need to refill the oil tank for heat again soon, which is a whopper of a bill. We’d been hoping to make it to February, but with 10 days to go and just over 1/4 tank left, I don’t think we’ll make it. Ah well, one of the advantages to having a giant old house: there’s space enough for roommates who help you pay for things like heating oil. And rent.

In the meantime, blankets and layers have been our friends. And the cats, who around December every year, remember that the 4 giant mammals who rattle around the house with them provide more warmth than even the heated blankets.

Donna and Abi Writing Assistant


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Writing Assistant Monday: New Year/ Snow Day Edition


Friday was a snow day here in New Jerseyland. It was also incredibly cold, so the cats were extra cuddly. Which works for me. Hoorah for writing assistants! Also, hoorah for time to write!

I don’t make resolutions, but I do have lots of hopes and goals for the New Year. One, as you could expect, is to produce more. This weekend I made good headway toward that with work on two different short stories and (finally) diving into the novel revisions. I’ve been talking about the novel revisions for months, but haven’t actually touched them until a few days ago.

Here we go 2014. I’m not sure I’m ready for you, but there seems to be no stopping you. Be kind to me and mine.

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