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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

What costumers pull together for Halloween when they haven’t planned anything…

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Read Your Contract: Christmas Carol Edition.

A draper, first hand, 6-year-old and a Mom are all in a Christmas Carol fitting. They discuss laundry.

Tiny Tim’s Mom: His shirt might get stinky, they have two or three shows a week.


Draper: Um…a few more than that.

Tiny Tim’s Mom: Like four or five?

Me: More like eight.

<blank stares all around>

End Scene.

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Writing Assistant Monday: Reading Edition

Donna Reading Asst


It’s almost November, and for those of us who write, that means the annual National Novel Writing Month is (almost) upon us.


My confession: I have participated in NaNoWriMo twice before, and I have lost both times. “Winning” just means (just!) completing 50,000 words in a single long story between November 1 and November 30. That’s only 1666.67 words/day for 30 days. Doable. Exhausting, but manageable. And yet, I’ve never managed.

And this year, I’m not even trying.

Instead, my goal is to begin revisions on the YA novel I finished up this summer. It’s rough. It’s really rough. And November is shaping up to be an extremely busy month. But I’ve been dragging my feet on this massive project for 4 or so months now, and it’s time.

So this weekend I printed it out and I started reading. Donna helped me (above). I have 3 more days to finish skimming through the roughest 70,000 words I’ve ever put together. Then I’ll start cutting and rebuilding. Shaping. A LOT of rewriting. Mostly rewriting in fact.

My goal is to complete the next draft by the end of the month — to get it to a stage where it’s ready for it’s first round of readers. And it’s a pretty lofty goal, but I think I’ll manage. I think.

I think.

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Back. Again. Finally. Also: CRANE!

Guys. The crane is done at last, at last. I apologize for my long absence. The last few weeks have contained an abundance of work and I’ve had little time to commit to writing of any sort– fact (blog) or fiction. I hope the cat pictures on Mondays have been keeping you all company.

The big show is behind us (finally!) and the next show is just gearing up. Until it really gets going, I have a few extra hours to my evenings. I had been spending them cleaning (not enough) and cooking (definitely not enough) and cuddling with the husband (can there be enough), BUT tonight Kyle is off learning about how economies develop at NYU or some such and I’m on my own.

So here I am, updating the blog. Hip, hip, hoorah!

First of all, because I know you’ve all been waiting: the crane is complete! It looks pretty freaking cool. Everyone’s happy. SUCH a fun project.


Brother Crane Contains: Foss Shape, Buckram, Millinery Wire, Leather, Acrylic Hair, Silk, Plastic Gems, Acrylic Paint, Super 88, Spackle, Gold Leaf Foil, Sharpie, Jessi’s Blood, Sweat and Tears… and one other sort of thermoplastic which I can’t remember the name of

Secondly, keep your eyes peeled because I have a couple of big blog posts coming. One (or maybe two) on inspiration, one on my Mutti’s Grand Opening celebration, maybe one on the editing process for the short story.

And…that’s pretty much it. Goodnight, all.

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Writing Assistant Monday

Donna’s such an amazing writing assistant, she doesn’t even need a writer present! Just a sweater and the laptop. (Also, bonus! Messy office. If only the cats would assist in household cleaning duties…)IMG_0828

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Writing Assistant Monday

IMG_0741Donna gets a bit pushy if she thinks you’re writing and not paying any attention to her… IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745

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Writing Assistant Monday

Since I’ve been back to the costume shop since August and the cats tend to be cuddliest in the mornings, I don’t get a lot of writing assistance these days. But Kyle has been home, so they’re helping him instead. I like to think they don’t enjoy being economics research assistants nearly as much.

Lap Cap Donna

Lap Cat 2


Although Abi does seem to enjoy being a TV watching assistant well enough.

Lap Cat Abi

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The First Acceptance

Back in July I posted about receiving my first rejection. On October 1, (two months and 17 days later) I had my first acceptance!

Kyle bought me beautiful roses to celebrate.

Kyle bought me beautiful roses to celebrate.

I’ve very excited to announce that my story, “The Rum Cake Runner,” will be in Crossed Genres Magazine‘s YA themed issue, currently scheduled for December. It’s the first time I sent out the story AND it’s a professional rate ‘zine. That’s not too shabby for a first sale. I’m extra pleased that CG is my first publisher since they choose one new author per issue to interview for their Spotlight Author feature and they chose me this time!

In case you’re interested, a little synopsis: “The Rum Cake Runner” is the story of Nesi, a 15-year-old girl, living and working in New Rio, a multi-cultural, international city in futuristic Brazil. In this future sugar is an illegal substance. Nesi’s family runs a black market pastry business and she’s their runner, delivering the yummy baked goods to customers. The story contains a chase through a crowded market, a loud-mouth Irish nut-seller, robot dogs, and of course, pastries. 

I’ll be sure to post here (and everywhere) when it’s live. I hope you read it, love it and love Crossed Genres. They’ll definitely always have a special place in this writer’s heart.

Kyle’s 30th

Today is my husband’s birthday. His 30th birthday. The first Big Birthday he’s had in 9 years and the last one he’ll before heading over that proverbial hill into the dreaded Middle Ages.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve made a lot of jokes that last few months about us dreading turning 30 (I’ll follow in his footsteps in another couple months), but actually, I’m really, really looking forward to our next decade. Our 20s have been hard and while I don’t expect the nature of life to change any and it all to suddenly become breezy, I do think some really amazing things are down the road just a bit.


We’re not doing anything really for his big day, which he seems to be fine with. Hopefully we can find a place for him to watch the first Wing’s game of the season (nicely scheduled guys!) and he can eat an obscenely large cheeseburger. We’re trying to save up for a nice trip somewhere fun and new this year as the Big Celebration. Hence, no party.


But I can tell the interwebs how much I love his face and how happy I am that we found each other early in life so that even at the young age of 30, we’ve gotten to experience the whole of a decade with each other.


Happy Birthday, Love of Mine. I wish you all the very, very best in the world. May your year be filled with blessings bigger and better than any of it’s sorrows and lots of hockey. Also, puppies. Just for good measure.

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