Stress Dreams

Do you guys have stress dreams? I do. A lot. .Though they’re generally during tech of a show or when I’m insanely busy. Sometimes they’re even helpful because I will be patterning or how to put something together in my dream and it’ll actually be a good solution. Often the dream itself doesn’t make me feel stress, I just know I’m having them because I am stressed.

But I don’t generally have them when not much is going on like, say, last night.

Last night I dreamt I was back at Literary Boot Camp and I had to write a second short story. Only this time around, I didn’t have the day off to do it. I only had the evenings; a few hours here and there. This was on top of the first story and during the same week. I woke up nearly panicked.

But then I took a breath, got up and read my emails, where one of my fellow boot campers had replied with feedback to a story I had sent him. It began with praise for my dialogue (and a request for more), which was a much nicer beginning to the day.

Now off to work…today I get to reorganize and clean shoe storage! My life is so glamourous.

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