T- 1 week

One week until we head out to Utah. I can’t wait. Thankfully, I have a lot to keep me busy and distracted.

Right now my family is in town. They got in last night and will leave Sunday evening. It should be a busy, fun weekend. We celebrated their arrival in NJ by getting pizza and Halo Farms ice cream. Then, because none of them know how to sit still we worked on cleaning the basement (because what else do you do but work when your family travels a thousand miles to visit?).

Earlier in the summer when I was home I was sent back to NJ with a car full of my childhood. Boxes of my American girl dolls and their clothes, stuffed animals and Barbies. They all got shoved in the basement here and ignored for a month or so.


Which meant that they stunk like damp basement. Fail.

Everything that was in the stuffed animal box had to be washed. So all of the softgoods got dunked in the sink and all of the plastic bits got a good scrub down. They’re now scattered around the living room drying.

It was fun to go through everything. I was particularly happy to find my Polly Pockets which are as bright and fun as they were when I was little. I’m considering pulling out of storage and putting on a shelf in my new office. But that’s a project for after bootcamp.


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